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Chair: Kate Zane

The Staff Development Committee (SDC) plans and coordinates faculty and staff development activities and administers professional development endeavors. Its three primary activities include:

SDC issues grants for staff development activities. (Click on the above link for the application forms).

Professional Development Opportunities
SDC plans programs for the college that offer professional development opportunities to faculty and staff. (Click on the above link for the latest workshop announcements)

SDC raises monies for staff development activities through an annual fundraising event at the WCC Ho'olaulea. (Click on the above link to go directly to the UH Foundation WCC giving page).

SD Grants Awarded 2012-2013

  • Deacon Hansen $120 to attend The 36th Annual A Glimpse Into the Future Conference,11/12/12, Honolulu (pdf of report)
  • Mariko Kershaw $60 to attend the Practical Stewardship of Collections Conference, 2/16/13, Honolulu (pdf of report)
  • Paul Briggs $1000 to attend the Third Annual AEA Conference on Teaching, 5/29-31/13, Chicago
  • Toni Martin $1000 to lead a session at the Foundations in Art Theory and Education Conference, 4/3-7/13, Savannah, GA (pdf of report)
  • Jean Okumura $1000 tp attend the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, 3/21-24/13, Boston (pdf of report)
  • Ross Langston $1000 to attend the Veterinary Fast Track Lab for San Juan College Vet Tech program, 3/27-29/13, Waco, TX (pdf of report)
  • Bonnie Beatson $1000 to attend the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations 2013 National Conference, 3/10-13/13, Chicago (pdf of report)
  • Rick Murray $1000 to attend the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators annual conference, 6/28/13-7/2/13, Louisville, KT (pdf of report)
  • Frances Denning $615 to attend the 14th Annual Native Hawaiian Education Association Convention, 3/21-22/13, Hilo (pdf of report)
  • Ann Lemke $365.73 to attend Revolutionizing Diagnosis and Treatment Using the DMS-5, 3/27/13, and BiPOlar from Early Diagnosis to Remission and Recovery, 3/28/13, Honolulu (pdf of report)

page last updated: April 28, 2014

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